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GS16: The atmosphere.

Our atmosphere is a life-supporting blanket of air enveloping the Earth.

GS15: Principles of Stratigraphy

Not until the challenges made by James Hutton, a Scottish farmer and doctor, for the persisting views...

GS14: Elements of the Earth's Magnetic Field.

A compass needle consists of a magnetic needle that floats on a pivotal point. When the compass is held level, it points along the direction

GS13: Why are the Northern lights wavy in nature?

Most of you might be aware that a moving charged particle experiences a force in the magnetic field which is capable of changing the course

GS12: Why is our moon drifting away?

As you know, due to the gravitational attraction of the moon, oceanic tides are formed.

GS11: Anatomy of the Magnetosphere

Analogous to a bar magnet, Earth too has a region around the planet. This region is known as a Magnetosphere. I believe all of us remember t

GS10: How does the solar wind affect the Earth's magnetic field?

This article will answer- What does a spaceship encounters as it approaches Earth? difference between geographic and geomagnetic poles? What

GS9: Basics of Earth's Magnetic Field

Clues to understanding the generation of the Earth’s magnetic field comes from the understanding of the working of a..

GS8: Difference between Asteroid, Comet, Meteoroid, Meteor and Meteorite

The Earth has risen from its state of planetesimals to that of today by incorporating infinite, countless other planetesimals or other solid

GS7: Story of formation of Our Moon

Most geologists concluded (hypothesis) that at about 4.53 Ga, a Mars-sized protoplanet crashed into the newborn Earth. In the process, the c

GS6: Journey from planetesimals to planet.

According to the nebular theory, ‘these objects were formed from the material in the flattened outer part of the disk, which did not become

GS5: Evolution of the Elements: Factory which has not stopped yet!

When I was introduced with the several elements during my early classes in school, there was one question that popped up in my mind, Where d

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